Friday, April 23, 2010

The Athletics Day!

Every single student was very excited on Friday 19 March 2010. After the bell rang right on time, it told us that we had to get changed and to have a little play around.
Suddenly the bell rang again, we started to line up in our group teams. We then rushed off to the fields and sat straight up. Mrs. Tui gave us 10 points to start with. Once we were silent Miss. G began to speak on the microphone. It was time for us to start the races. First it was the 5 year olds. Next it was the 6 year olds, and so on.
When I heard the number 10, I stood up and walked over to Mrs. Pole. As I was getting ready, my heart was racing and my legs were shaking. Mrs. Pole then clapped the blocks together. I started to speed off like a Jamaican record breaker to the finish line, "Yes, I made it" I said to myself.
The 100 meter race was quite excellent because I actually came 1st.
Just as I was waiting, I heard the word 200 meters. I saw Fetulimoeata and Molimoli (my sister), I really wanted to go back, but I said in my head "No, don't give up, try your best. You can do it."
On the line I stood calm, took one breath and BOOM went the blocks, I was jogging at first, but when the girls were tired I pushed myself in front of Fetulimoeata and I came 1st. I was very surprised because I thought I was hopeless but I was fine. It was like the colours of the rainbow while I was running.
It was now time for......NOVELTY RACES! There was Marble on a Spoon, Wheel-barrow, 3 legged race etc.
We finally walked back to our home teams because I was really tired of running and chasing.
I felt so confused because everyone was in my head trying to tell me to come 1st.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome and be Thrilled

Welcome to the place where you will be amazed.
There is a few movies and stories you will listen to, so I hope you like it and, ENJOY.