Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh What a Nite!

I came out of the shower and was drying myself and getting dressed into my best clothes.
When I was done and ready to go, a friend of my brothers called Sia was sitting outside my house, waiting for me to step foot on the concrete. She started putting eye liner on my face because we were heading to the school Disco. “Done!” she said, so I ran to the top of the school driveway and saw a lot of vehicles coming up the drive way.

“Hi Ofa” Agnes yelled at the top of her voice, while I was walking calmly to the office.
As Catherine and I raced to the hall, we payed Miss G 2 dollars, which was the admission fee to get into the Disco. Everyone had been sitting down for 2 to 3 minutes because they were nervous.

Latai then stood up and started moving to the beat of the music.
Within seconds, everybody stood up from their seats and began dancing like psychos.
In the hall the lights were not bright anymore. Just about 7:00pm I saw Anita with her little sister sitting there like 2 people couldn’t find their way home. I asked Anita “What’s the matter?” she answered “I want to take my little sister home but I can’t, because it’s way to dark,” my heart was filled with pity so I let Anita have fun and I stayed behind looking after her little sister.
There I sat, waiting and watching, people dancing and eating.
Later on I saw Anita’s Mum wondering around trying to find her little baby daughter, so I sent Anita’s little sister to her Mum.

Now the Disco was almost finished. I had to do something, so I got up and started dancing for the last 30 minutes.
Finally the the disco was finished, everybody was sweaty and tired, so they all headed off home.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High 5 For Clean Hands



Turn the tap anti-clockwise on either warm or cold, so that the water can come pouring down.
Grab the soap, and before you do that, run your hands in warm of cold water.
Rub your hands together but don’t forget to put the soap in one of your hands and when there is bubbles coming out...
Go between your fingers and thumbs so that you can get the dirty germs out of it.
Also get the tips of finger nails and scratch round and round the palms of both hands.
Now finally that is finished put your hands in nice warm or cold running water,and wash off the soap.
Next dry your hands with a paper towel (or if at home a clean towel) and do that for 20 seconds.

Your hands are 100% clean and with no bacteria, the hands of yours doesn’t feel sticky of dirty.

After washing your hands, and if you need to go to the toilet always remember to wash your hands, so no one can get sick from dirty hands.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Making Cheesey Toasted Sandwiches


*Sandwich Press

Wash your hands before you make your very own Cheese Sandwich.
Get a plate,knife and 2 pieces of bread.
Spread the butter all around the bread with a knife.
Grate your cheese,while you are placing your 2 pieces of bread into the Sandwich Press.
Wait until your Cheese Sandwich is hot and crispy.
Take out your sandwich with a knife.
Lie it down on a plate to cool down.Once it has cooled down.......EAT AND ENJOY.

The Cheesy Toasted Sandwiches tasted really rich and quite crunchy, when I was making it.
I was saying to myself “Can we make it again?”.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Racing Day

So it happened on Wednesday 1 September about 9:30 when I was getting ready for the Cross Country. Standing outside infront of Room 5 waiting for Mr Gaffeny to open the door. Out came Sir and the people that didn’t go stayed behind and went to individual classes like Rm 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Next we walked off to one of the vehicles that Mr.Coakley told us to go in.

I was feeling the nervousness now, something I had never felt. My heart was pumping, I think I was going to faint by now I wanted to get it over and done with. Alot of excited people could be seen too. Out of everyone that I was going to run for was for my Nana.

The way I was running when it was my turn for the 11 year olds was jogging it. While I was in-front of a Point England girl I tried to sprint it with all the energy that I had in me and I made it.

Finally I made it, I came 1st.

I was relieved that it was over. All the hard work came to use. Hearing voices from all directions, saying “Yaay“ and “congratulations.”

Now for the prize giving, the announcer called out my name and the school that I came from. Everyone that came to the Cross Country began screaming and clapping. I started laughing. Just when I walked up there I was very proud and happy because I did this for my Nana and I did everything for her with all my might.

After all that hard work, and prize giving, we all headed back to school.
People were hanging around me and asking what place did I come. “First” I said and everyone thought that no-one would come first, but they were wrong.

My favourite thing about the Cross Country was when Robertanna, Angelica ,Tokilupe Emelia and I sneaked off to the toilets cause I was busting, so Robertanna, Angelica, Tokilupe and Emelia showed me the way to the toilet but they didn’t ask Miss Ana if we could go. Suddenly Miss Ana was trying to find us and she was coming to the girls toilet. We, the girls, hid in one of the toilets. Miss Ana said “Is anybody here?” and someone with a squeaky little voice shouted “NO”. Laughter began coming out, we came out of the toilets and we were still laughing, but Miss Ana gave us a little growl for not asking.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talent Quest

On Friday 20 August, a whole lot of people began to scream and scurry around the classrooms, waiting for the bell to ring any minute.
“RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!” aloud went the bell, the people started to get changed into their costumes.
The students all lined up outside the Hall, feeling completely frozen and impatient, trying to wait for the signal telling them when to come in. When everyone was settled down on their seats. Mr Coakley walked over to the centre of the stage. He asked for the first group to come up to the stage.

It was nearly over ..... but later on he said for “Daniel, Angelica, Kahlanie, Francis and I” to come to the front. I started to have stage fright coming out of everywhere in my body, so I just looked up and didn’t care about the audience. All I cared about was just to try my best.

We all sat down on a chair each, then Daniel and me began strumming and plucking on the guitar and Ukulele, also Francis trying to make up a beat on the drums together with the song. It was up to my part, and I was really nervous so I tried the best I could to impress everyone, a tear came out of my eye so I removed it while I was still singing.

Finished at last!! I was really proud of myself, because I didn’t know I had a voice like that.
What my favourite thing about the Talent Quest was standing up there getting ready to sing.