Friday, November 30, 2012

Maths Reflection

In Maths I enjoyed learning the Units of Measurement. I know that 1 litre = 100000 millilitres and I know how to order capacities in litres and millilitres, for example......
5mL    250mL     0.75L     1L     1.5L     1250mL     50L     


Piha Mill Camp

Three days in Piha Mill Camp were the best. It was like being in Heaven. The only thing you can hear is birds, the swaying of trees and hear people whispering saying ‘Oh! Let’s prank him/her’. I was never homesick because I had my little sister with me.

I like the way we all came together in the Lounge Room. We reflected and talked about things that happened at camp. If we can have the confidence to talk about how we felt, then we can have the confidence to show-off our talent, not hide it.

What really made me burst out laughing was watching the Fashion show. It was like watching ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Fibre is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. We get fibre from many plant foods, which are on the bottom part of the 'Food Pyramid'. Fibre helps your digestive system stay healthy. It is still useful for our body thought as it helps to keep the intestines clean by removing through with the rest of our food then leaving the body in you faeces.

A - At least have 18g of fibre everyday.     

B - Basically, Fibre is the name for the parts of the 
food that our bodies cannot digest.
C - Component/part of a healthy
balanced diet.  
D - Digestive System
E - Eat lots of fruits and veggies  
F - Fibre fights diseases