Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mary Mackillop

Just when Mrs.Williams asked for us to make our way to the hall. Once I saw a painting in the centre of the stage, I knew that it was the Mary Mackillop Show. While the hall went quiet, the show started.

Mary Mackillop was just a 12 year old girl who lived with her little baby brother and father. They lived in a farm. Ever since she was a little girl, her whole life she dreamed to be a nun. When she grew up, her wish came true. Mary helped out a poor boy called Kelly who selled matches, luckily Mary helped him out and made him go to school at St.Josephs for free.

Suddenly bad news was delivered to Mary about one of the Sisters of St Joseph. It was a slimy accident. Mary wanted to help but when she got there she was to late.... she had died. When she said her goodbyes she saw her brother all grown up as a priest. She remembered him as a little baby, a drunk nurse was babysitting him but just in time Mary fired her.

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