Friday, September 7, 2012

Harry Styles from One Direction

Harry Edward Styles is a singer from a boy band called ‘One Direction’. He is the youngest member in the group. Before One Direction, he used to be in a band called ‘White Eskimo’ and was the lead singer.

Harry was born 1 February 1994 and is from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. His parents Anne Cox and Des Styles separated when Harry was 7 years old. After the divorce, Harry’s mother later got remarried to Robin Twist and so Harry, his sister, Gemma, and his mum moved out.

Growing up, Harry went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. At school, Harry Styles, Haydn Morris, Nick Clough, Will Sweeny formed a group called ‘White Eskimo’. Haydn was the lead guitarist, Nick was the bass guitarist and drummer was Will. They came together to compete in the Battle of the Bands. They won the competition, and it helped Harry understand that he loved performing in front of people.

He tried to audition on X Factor in 2010. Harry sang ‘Isn’t she lovely’ by Stevie Wonder, Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger said “Yes!” but, Louis Walsh disagreed. At bootcamp, he sang ‘Stop crying your heart out’ before being rejected and put into a group called ‘One Direction’ with Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Harry was the one who came up with the band’s name. One Direction came third in The X Factor and went to sign a two million deal with Simon Cowell, releasing a lot of No.1 singles in the United Kingdom, including ‘What makes you beautiful’ and ‘Gotta be you’.

I think Harry is a nice person, it must’ve been hard to be separated from his family because now that he’s famous, he can’t see them a lot. When I heard that he got rejected, I thought he was going to be eliminated but instead he was put into a band because the judges didn’t want him to go.

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