Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Past,Present and Future

1. Term 3
What I really enjoyed in term 3 was designing and making our very own ice-creams together with our companies. I was excited and surprised to everyone in Rm 6 getting along so they could represent what they had designed for Rm 3. Now that morning tea was over, Rm 3 got the chance to decide who they wanted to vote for and it was the KIDS MIXTURE Company. Even though my group didn’t win,but at least I had a really mess day putting ingredients into my groups ice-cream.

Finally the holidays were here, just at the right time. HOORAY! It was in the beginning of the holidays, there I was just watching T.V. and eating the left-over jelly. All of a sudden I heard this knock at the door, I had a little peek, it was Maia and Simone. When I opened the door for them,“Who’s home with you?” Maia looked around to see if and families of mine were hear, but no one was at sight except me.
While we were still standing, Maia and Simone came in and kept me company, suddenly when we were all quiet in ran Catherine who just came back from Angelica’s house and still wearing her P.J’s, Catherine just stood there trying to catch her breath from all that running. Now that she got her breath back Catherine walked to Simone and Maia and hugged them. Next Angelica walked in said hi and sat down on the couch,waiting for something fun to happen.
“Why can’t we have a picnic?” yelled Catherine,we all agreed with her and made our way to the kitchen, cooking with all the food that were in the cupboards. We all went to work and finished at the right time, the sun was still shinning upon us, so Angelica and I laid the mat on the ground and through in some equipment etc to entertain us. The sun was almost setting and we were still sitting their watching the sun go down slowly. Once it was dark and silent we packed up everything and dropped off Maia and Simone to their home sweet homes.

3.Term 3
Now that it is Term 4 we (Rm6), are still working on our film for the Film Festival, we have had a little practise around half of the school before the Yr 7’s went to Technology. After that the Yr 6’s came in and made some posters for the film while the vocalists practised talking and remembering the words backwards.
Finally the Yr 7’s were back and we started filming everything from the beginning but it wasn’t a practise it was the real thing. Once we were finished the whole of Rm 6 had a treat for their hard work.
My goal for term 4 is to work on the things I have never finished, also what I’m looking forward to is going to the zoo with the juniors from our school.
I wonder if we are going to have a good time?

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  1. You obviously have been very busy, Ofa. Nice language on your blog.