Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Exhilerating Moment

In a far off place no further than the distance from the sky to the land, four hundred or more humans settled down at Hoyts Cinema in Sylvia Park, staring at a blank X-treme screen

While everyone came together as a cluster for the Tamaki Film Festival, darkness was approaching. Once people leaned on their seats with excitement, they were getting ready to SCREAM!

What made some of the students laugh out loud was a movie called ‘Jandal Man’ by Panmure Bridge. It tells you a little bit about 'Jandal Man' and what you can do with a plain old jandal, but in a classic way, like cutting a cake, waking someone up, etc.

WOW what a suprise to see students participating in their movies, everyone should be proud and wishing to go back in time and watch the movies again and again.

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