Thursday, December 9, 2010

Racing nervously to each vehicle on a Wednesday morning, making our way to Pt England where all the Glen Innes Primary schools were.

Once we stepped foot on Pt England school grounds, a lot of schools were sitting patiently for the schools to arrive so that we can begin the first race which was the 400m. Legs straight, palms sweaty and heart racing as the blocks were smashed together.
Off we went around the field in circles two times, I was almost out of breath and my legs were beginning to wobble and feel weak. Past the finish line I ran and came 1st, I couldn’t believe my eyes, coming first in the 400 metres, now that was a tiring race.

I tried to settle down and relax my legs so that I didn’t tumble and fall in all of the races.
Coming first was very exhausting so I came 3rd in the finals which was the 75 metres.

Finally every individual race was complete, except for the relays, the school that won the relays was the unbelievable TAMAKI PRIMARY.

It was nearly the end of Athletics, but the teachers had to lunch together so they went off to the Pt.England staff room and had lunch together. Some Pt.England helpers took care of us by keeping a eye on each person.

Just when Mr. Coakley came back from his long conversation, we headed back to school safe and sound. I Came 1st in softball throwing, discus and 400m also 3rd in the 75m.


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