Friday, April 15, 2011


Time past by, waiting for my net-book to arrive. I sat on my chair and looked straight ahead so that I could see what was happening.

"Yes!" I squealed “Ofa,Shoosh!”yelled Miss.Gleeson. Finally I have my very own net-book to myself, but the only thing that scares me a lot is that you don't have any privacy.
Suddenly I saw something so unexpected...GAMES!!
I thought the net books were for work no fun.

There was so much to do I couldn't choose, so I went on one of the games just to get me started. Meanwhile the technicians asked me to hurry along and to do my job. Sadly I said good-bye to my precious tool, I did not want to let go, so I closed my eyes and walked away. "Poor little thing" I whispered to myself.

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