Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Run for your life!

When the time had come to get ready for the Athletics, I rushed into the rest room to get changed. Bumped into a few people,pushing and shoving. I put some paint on my legs to show what team I’m in. Now I had to find a way out. It wasn’t that easy. The ten year old finished there race I was so pumped up. Finally, the time has come to beat the rest of the girls that are my age.(Or not) We made our way to the field. I felt my legs shaking already. “Get your marks,” yelled Mr. Gaffney “ Get set, GO!” Off I ran. FIRST, FIRST,FIRST, those words repeated over and over again in my head. Then “Yes, I made it” I whispered to myself. Finally Mrs. Pole said into the microphone, “ Eleven year old please make your way to the field for the ten hundred metre race.” I raced to Mr Gaffney and got ready as usual on every Athletics. When Mr. Gaffney clapped the blocks together, I had to run past Meli. She was a pretty fast girl. But I ran with all my might to run faster than her. I had made it again, one more to go and I can get my promised treat from my brother. Now for the eight hundred metres, if I make this one again I will be so proud of myself. Coming first in the eight hundred metres two times, first last year now this year. The first round I had to save my breath for the last run around the field, just like my brother told me to. Elizabeth was in the lead, if she was jogging her way to the finish line that was when I had to run real fast like I’m in the Olympics. I made it. Elizabeth congratulated me, I felt proud. So I did the same thing. Once I had finished the eight hundred metre, Mr. Coakley walked up to me and asked if I would want to do the four hundred metre. When my brother left, I just went for it. (I was doing it for fun) Emelia came first out of all the girls, luckily my brother didn’t see that. If he saw me win every race, I would get a treat. But he didn’t see come fourth in the four hundred metre. The relays for the senior syndicate, all you have to do is run up and down until everyone in your group had a turn. My group, Keas, won against Geckos and Tuis won against Kiwis. Tuis and Keas had to battle each other to see who wins. Keas were in the lead, suddenly we made one mistake at the end, which made Tuis in the lead. Poni had to run again, but we just sat down. We didn’t know that one of our group members didn’t have a turn. Mr. Coakley yelled out that it was a tie,because Tuis and Keas were arguing. Everybody won. At last everyone went home, I was so sloppy that I walked home like a old woman.

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