Friday, February 17, 2012

First Time

It was after Holiday Programme, Angelica and Waterlily had just planned to go pools. They asked if I could come but, I just remembered I was going Carl’s Jr with my brother Stani. ‘Which one should I choose?’ I chose wisely. I've been to the pools millions of times and it's kind of weird getting changed in front of everybody, plus it was raining and I didn't want to get sick. So Carl’s Jr........ HERE I COME!!

I was really excited to go, it was my first time. I had a big juicy Guacamole burger, Chips and a Drink. My brother just had sushi from Bruce Lee's Sushi Store. Once I finished the burger, I was full, I felt like I just ate 2 cheese burgers. When we got home I saw take-away at the table it looked so nice but I was so full, oh well I'll have take-away next time.


  1. Hi Ofa I like your story its really interesting

  2. Hi Ofa i like your story it was so interesting. well done Ofa keep it up.