Friday, May 4, 2012

Playing Basketball

“DON’T STOP DRIBBLING KEEP GOING” yelled Coach Bruce. The white team were in the lead. There were just a few cones left that weren’t flipped. One more left and..........THE WHITES WIN!!

We were just in our classroom doing what we normally do on a Monday morning when Miss Bell, the secretary, told us if we were ready. I was wondering, what we were suppose to get ready for. Oh, we were having Basketball. Finally I get to know what a real game of Basketball is all about.

First things first, he told us how to dribble the ball. You can’t hit the ball on your palm because the ball won’t bounce back and, you can not bend forward or else you’ll damage your back and put a lot a weight on your thighs.

Next, we played a very hard game. We got into groups of five, I was in the White team. There were cones spread everywhere. There was green, white, red, and blue cones. The aim of the game was to flip over your team’s cone and dribble the ball at the same time. It looked hard but really, it was easy. We had one more round and then we left.

Basketball was really interesting, I learnt that if you show respect to others, you will get respect too.

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