Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Duffy Theatre

To begin with a lovely warm day on the 20 July. Just when it was the afternoon and the clock struck 1, I was very excited about what was going to happen. It was the...... DUFFY THEATRE, I couldn’t wait to long so finally when it was 1:30 I jumped up and was ready to go to the hall.
When we got there I heard alot of people chatting while they waited for the show to begin. Once everyone was settled, at last, the show began. I heard sweet music coming from infront and 3 people came walking up for everyone to see.
Next the lovely actors introduced themselves, the names of the 3 actors were Tongs, Sam and Channel. Later on Sam started to look everywhere for Duffy.
With a hat jumping in the air, out jumped Duffy with his back facing the audience. Duffy walked up to Tongs and Channel and said “Hi” to them. They both tried to tell Duffy to turn but he didn’t know what was happening at the back of him.
Trying to tell him to turn around was a little bit hard for them and Duffy told them “What is all this ruckess?” So he just turned around. But when Duffy turned right around, he started questioning them.
Tongs and Channel then marched their bottoms back stage.
Laughter began coming from nowhere.
A big word showed right infront of Duffy’s face, it was called ‘Duffy’s Big O.E.”, we tried to figure out what it might be? “Ah” said Duffy,

“Shake,Shake” went the marackers, and out came 2 other people singing.
Eventually Tongs and Channel told Duffy to “Spiiin the Wheel”. Tongs spun Duffy around and Duffy spun to hard that he landed on the wall so hard that it looked like he was going to get a bruise in the middle of his forehead. Just when he landed on the wall he also landed on the ground. Duffy stood up and told someone to help him spin the wheel, he chose one person from the audience.
Fonuamotu a student from Rm1 stood up and made his way to the spinning wheel, Fonuamotu then stood next to the spinning wheel, and it looked like I was looking at him in the future when he was standing next to Duffy.
Duffy picked another person from the audience, and it was Fetuli a student from Rm 6.
Fetuli made her way to a medium sized box. Fetuli laid there waiting for something to happen. Duffy hoped that she was going to be alright. Channel told us some information about ‘Doctors and Nurses’, and that was when Duffy got worried.
Channel began the operation, suddenly I saw Tongs whispering into Fetuli’s ear. I was really eager because I wanted to know what Tongs was telling in Fetuli in her ear. First Channel needed a screw-driver, I was thinking, “Why would he use a screw-driver in a operation?”
Channel answered “We use this in Samoa”.
“Aaaaaahhh” screamed Fetuli, she was thumping her feet on the box.
I was very shocked it felt like I was going to faint, also I thought she was actually dying.
The operation was almost finished and they showed her brain.
Up stood the talented Fetuli, she walked up to Duffy, and Duffy was thinking if it was back in its place of they just put it there so it could fall off .
Now Duffy thanked Fetuli for being a lovely assistant, so for her good work she received an awesome book. The show now came to an end and everyone were very entertain by the show, that they wanted them to do it again.
“Stomp,Stomp” out walked the students back to their work, and off they went home, except for the Yr 7 and 8 netball girls.


  1. Nice effort, Ofa. You have used some lovely descriptive language to tell us about the show and what you thought of it.

  2. Hi Ofa

    I enjoyed reading about the Duffy Show. I especially liked the way you described what happened when Fetuli was on-stage. It sounds like she was a great (and talented) actress!!

    I also like the way you have added direct speech (and thoughts)into your recount. That is a good skill to learn and you have used it to great effect in your writing :)