Friday, August 27, 2010

Media Studies

It was on the fourth day of Media Studies,and the year 6 were so excited. Just when the year 7 were about to leave, the year 6 had to stay behind and begin half of there Media Studies because it was nearly morning tea time.As soon as year 6 students were getting started and trying to think with there thinking caps, the year 7 and 8 students were about to leave we, Rm 6 had to sit on the mat.After that Miss.G told us what to do next after morning tea.

Straight after morning tea, she taught us, year 6 how to edit something on the computer. Later on each team had something to do like, taking pictures, recording and especially editing on the computer.

My team, the Power Shots had to take 2 more pictures.

Finally it was time to edit,it was kind of difficult to do but I got use to it.
While each of us, The Power Shots were still on our editing we had a little help from my friend, Angelica. At last we had finished after the bell rang.


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