Thursday, August 26, 2010

Virtues Assembly

Out, we walked through the door after morning tea to the hall on Monday 2 August. We got settled in our positions, ready for the assembly to show everyone a new virtue.
To start off the assembly the whole school turned their faces to the projector,30 minutes with Rm6 6 and Poof popped out Fetuli telling us what the virtue was, but first a prayer from Waterlily at the Grotto standing next to the lovely Mary, and then it went back to Fetuli. The virtue is "RESPONSIBILITY!", Fetuli said "Over to you Rm 6", and that was when we performed our short acting for what the word Responsibility means.
When it had finished, the one that made one of my bones crack was Robertanna's group, a boy as a nana.Fetuli came up again and was surprised of what we did in 30 minutes with Rm 6. Emmanuel stood in front of everyone and asked Mr.Coakley to hand out the certificates for the good ones around the school, and after that Emmanuel told Mrs.Pole to do the Caught Being Good, for the people who got caught being wonderful.
It came to an end and everyone sang the virtue song together and Mrs.Williams dismissed some classes.
Everyone walked out the door with smiles on their faces...

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