Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talent Quest

On Friday 20 August, a whole lot of people began to scream and scurry around the classrooms, waiting for the bell to ring any minute.
“RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!” aloud went the bell, the people started to get changed into their costumes.
The students all lined up outside the Hall, feeling completely frozen and impatient, trying to wait for the signal telling them when to come in. When everyone was settled down on their seats. Mr Coakley walked over to the centre of the stage. He asked for the first group to come up to the stage.

It was nearly over ..... but later on he said for “Daniel, Angelica, Kahlanie, Francis and I” to come to the front. I started to have stage fright coming out of everywhere in my body, so I just looked up and didn’t care about the audience. All I cared about was just to try my best.

We all sat down on a chair each, then Daniel and me began strumming and plucking on the guitar and Ukulele, also Francis trying to make up a beat on the drums together with the song. It was up to my part, and I was really nervous so I tried the best I could to impress everyone, a tear came out of my eye so I removed it while I was still singing.

Finished at last!! I was really proud of myself, because I didn’t know I had a voice like that.
What my favourite thing about the Talent Quest was standing up there getting ready to sing.

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