Friday, September 3, 2010

Racing Day

So it happened on Wednesday 1 September about 9:30 when I was getting ready for the Cross Country. Standing outside infront of Room 5 waiting for Mr Gaffeny to open the door. Out came Sir and the people that didn’t go stayed behind and went to individual classes like Rm 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Next we walked off to one of the vehicles that Mr.Coakley told us to go in.

I was feeling the nervousness now, something I had never felt. My heart was pumping, I think I was going to faint by now I wanted to get it over and done with. Alot of excited people could be seen too. Out of everyone that I was going to run for was for my Nana.

The way I was running when it was my turn for the 11 year olds was jogging it. While I was in-front of a Point England girl I tried to sprint it with all the energy that I had in me and I made it.

Finally I made it, I came 1st.

I was relieved that it was over. All the hard work came to use. Hearing voices from all directions, saying “Yaay“ and “congratulations.”

Now for the prize giving, the announcer called out my name and the school that I came from. Everyone that came to the Cross Country began screaming and clapping. I started laughing. Just when I walked up there I was very proud and happy because I did this for my Nana and I did everything for her with all my might.

After all that hard work, and prize giving, we all headed back to school.
People were hanging around me and asking what place did I come. “First” I said and everyone thought that no-one would come first, but they were wrong.

My favourite thing about the Cross Country was when Robertanna, Angelica ,Tokilupe Emelia and I sneaked off to the toilets cause I was busting, so Robertanna, Angelica, Tokilupe and Emelia showed me the way to the toilet but they didn’t ask Miss Ana if we could go. Suddenly Miss Ana was trying to find us and she was coming to the girls toilet. We, the girls, hid in one of the toilets. Miss Ana said “Is anybody here?” and someone with a squeaky little voice shouted “NO”. Laughter began coming out, we came out of the toilets and we were still laughing, but Miss Ana gave us a little growl for not asking.

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  1. Great race Ofa. Well deserved result. I particularly enjoyed your last paragraph. Obviously 'honesty is the best policy'.