Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High 5 For Clean Hands



Turn the tap anti-clockwise on either warm or cold, so that the water can come pouring down.
Grab the soap, and before you do that, run your hands in warm of cold water.
Rub your hands together but don’t forget to put the soap in one of your hands and when there is bubbles coming out...
Go between your fingers and thumbs so that you can get the dirty germs out of it.
Also get the tips of finger nails and scratch round and round the palms of both hands.
Now finally that is finished put your hands in nice warm or cold running water,and wash off the soap.
Next dry your hands with a paper towel (or if at home a clean towel) and do that for 20 seconds.

Your hands are 100% clean and with no bacteria, the hands of yours doesn’t feel sticky of dirty.

After washing your hands, and if you need to go to the toilet always remember to wash your hands, so no one can get sick from dirty hands.

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